Foreign photos

A little late for the photo challenge this week, which asks for pictures which say ‘foreign.’

High on a hill in France a cross depicting Christ’s death: something not generally seen in UK except within a church, while it is quite common in France. Just looking at this photograph reminds me  of the steep climb, the heat and the scent!

And an early morning cuppa, with Lipton’s tea: another thing that always means ‘French holiday’ to me!

Again looking at the photograph brings back holiday memories of early mornings while the family slept, in the kitchen which had this view

…. certainly not UK!

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12 Responses to Foreign photos

  1. great pics…and you are right ..not the UK..there is no rain!

  2. sharechair says:

    So pretty! So peaceful looking!

  3. bluebrightly says:

    Oh what a view! And Lipton’s reminds you of vacation in France because?

    • Pseu says:

      because we don’t drink Lipton’s at home, and only have it when on holiday :)

      • vivinfrance says:

        And if you like tea, take your own good “British” tea. The Liptons they sell in France is the sweepings, and you need 4 bags to make one decent cup of tea!

        • Pseu says:

          Tea never tastes the same in France, so I drink it weaker and without milk to compensate :)

        • vivinfrance says:

          I was at an OU tutorial in a Paris Ibis – I put 4 LiptonsT bags in the cup of hottish (not boiling) water from the urn, and still found it undrinkable. We have many French friends who like tea, and get PG tips or English Breakfast by mail order. I can’t think how or why the shops continue to sell that Liptons stuff.

  4. Looks like you have some wonderful “foreign” memories!

  5. I love the pictures! A tiny visual holiday here at the beginning of November! I’m not a Lipton’s tea fan myself. Twinings or bust…

  6. Very nice! I’d probably have coffee, but everything else is completely to my liking! :-)

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