Sunday Snowdrops

For the first time  this year I went out into the back garden to do some tidying up – I went around, pulling up the old rotting stems and leaves of plants that should have been tidied away in Autumn, and removing old seed heads that had been left there on purpose for the wild life. As the bulbs push through I like to have a tidier garden, it makes them look better! And as the days get longer, I become more inspired.

??????????Of course the compost bin is now much fuller!
And now I have been out there I can see, with all the usual clarity of this time of year, just how much there is to do in the next few weeks.

??????????Usually by now I have a few early crocus alongside the snowdrops, but this year I see no crocus. I read recently that the snowdrops and crocus respond differently in different years to the balance between light (as in day length) and warmth. And this winter has been much warmer than last, so maybe that’s why? Sadly I can’t find the article.
??????????Listening as I worked to Poetry Please, with the theme of Dreams and Sleep. Maybe it should have been ‘Awakenings’?

I did my preparations for the Guinea Pigs Group yesterday and earlier today, so now for a lovely quiet Sunday evening and a meal of slow cooked brisket which is gently cooking, sending out comforting aromas.

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8 Responses to Sunday Snowdrops

  1. I love your gardening posts.

  2. 6vicky7 says:

    Stunning photographs – how lovely to think spring is on the way … Good luck with the guinea pigs!

    • Pseu says:

      Yes, Spring is on its way, certainly. So much growth out there!
      Guinea Pigs III was held this morning. Seems to be going well and I’m having good feedback which is encouraging.

  3. Love your gardening posts! I can live vicariously through your photos! The one with the snow drops in that half circle, really pretty! Spring is indeed on the way!

    • Pseu says:

      It’s strange how the half circle has shown up like that…. it won’t look like that soon, as among all that grass are many more spikes of slightly later snowdrops which will come out over the next couple of weeks, soon to be joined, I hope by the crocus as well!

  4. The Snowdrops are really pretty! And I hope the Guinea Pigs group is going well! :-)

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