6 of 52 – Sky Writing

I have been pulled into the vortex created by 52, and find I am spending so much time thinking about Jo Bell’s poetry prompts (and her guest’s prompts of course on the last Thursday of each month) – which is good in many ways, but other aspects of life also have to be fitted in. This week, as it happens I haven’t been booked to work at the hospice until Sunday…

The prompts come out on a Thursday morning. Today. And today’s prompt is about the weather. Looking at the forecast it seemed that my only chance for a walk, without getting wet or blown away would be before 11 am, but today’s light is flat, flat, flat… and I had hoped for some sunshine so I could take some decent photographs!

We are lucky in comparison with so many other places in the UK, in that we don’t have flooding just where I live. But the fields and woods are saturated and squelchy underfoot. Without much enthusiasm I pulled on my walking boots and wrapped a scarf around my neck.

I didn’t have to go far before I stuffed my gloves into the pockets of my jacket, and pulled out the camera

??????????The old man’s beard is so noticeable at this time of the year catching whatever light there is, and shining against the drab hedgerows even on a dull day.

As I walked I realised I am moving more easily. I treated myself to a massage yesterday which felt like a complete indulgence – but my back has been tighter and tighter over the last few weeks, and today that felt better. Now to remember to do all the stretches I should do to keep things loose!

In the quarry an old tree was taken down – maybe last Spring, which was  a great sadness. It was an old willow and the early flowers were a huge attraction for hundreds and hundreds of bees… the sound of them all contentedly buzzing around the branches was incredible. I don’t know why it was taken down. It hadn’t appeared to unsafe…..

This is what is left of it – it has been moved and scorched, soaked by rain and left to stand in the middle of the grass.

??????????The tree had been a great shelter, and a place to meet, with an established fireplace and a bench

??????????… instead the stump is providing somewhere for fungi to grow



????????????????????Nature’s way of wasting not.

On my way back up the lane I wondered what I had gained from my walk which maybe could be fed back into my poetry – because even muddy puddles give a clear reflection of the sky.


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10 Responses to 6 of 52 – Sky Writing

  1. Did you take a pic of that puddle from the other side? It looks like a heart.

  2. All wonderful images, but I love the sky reflected in the mud puddle. I really found that surprisingly beautiful. And Old Man’s Beard is unfamiliar to me. I really love that, too! :-)

    • Pseu says:

      Old Man’s Beard refers to several plants, but locally usually refers to the seed heads of the wild clematis that rambles through the hedgerows.

  3. Every walk has its moments, doesn’t it, Pseu? Even at this time of year there are tiny details we would miss in the noisy growth of Spring and Summer, or the riotous flame of Autumn. I love the fungi.

  4. Do you know which species of Clematis your old man’s beard is? The most common species in central Texas, where I live, is Clematis drummondii, colloquially called old man’s beard:



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