Gardening take over

I seem to have neglected the blogging lark for a month.
I have been sidetracked into gardening.

And more gardening.

Warm weather and the promise I will open my garden in June to raise finds for the village church, plus a fair number of shifts at work have together meant there has been little spare time…. that plus a fair bit of poetry writing, using the prompts here

??????????So apologies.

I’ll be back. Sometime.

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About Pseu

No time to lose. No, time to lose. Make time to stand and stare.... Did you see that?
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8 Responses to Gardening take over

  1. I love the way raindrops make beads on alchemilla leaves. I think you deserve a little R & R from your busy life.

    • Pseu says:

      I’m so enjoying the garden, and my work, I don’t feel I need respite, but a little more time would come in handy…. :)

  2. sarsm says:

    I’m glad to hear you’ve been enjoying your gardening. Mine is finally coming together too. I would love to know your opinion on something: due to the wild winter the insects are really taking over. Do you think ants are good or bad for the garden? We always have a LOT but this year it’s worse than an epidemic. Everywhere you look there at ants of various colours. I tried looking it up but there were so many differing opinions. I wondered what your thoughts are (because you gave me fab gardening advice before!)

    • Pseu says:

      Ants are not good for the grass, as they tend to cause it to become ‘lumpy’ – and uneven. However the birds love them, especially the ground feeding woodpeckers!
      The problem with getting rid of ants is that it is labour intensive and hey may come back. Nature has a way of rebalancing itself, so I guess you have to decide which route to take… aggressive ant attack, or live with them….

  3. I look forward to the photos!

  4. Alchemilla Mollis> Lady’s mantle? Whatever it is, it’s a beautiful picture. Good luck with your open garden!

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